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Wise Up

“It’s in our nature to be well. So how do we return to that place?”

I educated myself out of my eating disorder. I saw how I needed to get past my negative thoughts… about food, my body image and weight… and regain my self-confidence and sense of well-being. Now I want to help other young people to do the same… to understand themselves and their bodies, and separate facts from myths. So they too can make informed decision about their lives.

Specifically, there are four primary areas where I invite you to wise up. Each is outlined below, with links to the latest relevant content on this site.

The Big Picture

To really know how best to tackle the problem of eating disorders, we need to make sure we take stock of a host of different things. Namely:
  • The underlying causes
  • The scale of the repercussions
  • The misconceptions
  • The services available
  • The new solutions & approaches needed?
And there are different questions we need to ask ourselves, including:
  • What impact has Covid 19 had on eating disorders amongst the young?
  • What are the gaps in the existing services that we need to plug?
  • How do alert young people to things like ‘anorexic clubs’?

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Understanding Eating Disorders

In each of the three JenUp toolkits (available for young people, parents and teachers) I flag up three key points that many people don’t even realise:
  • An eating disorder is not primarily about food
  • It can affect anyone
  • People can and do recover
It feels important to demystify the topic, and make certain things more clearly understood and more easily available, including:
  • What the difference is between Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders
  • How to detect the tell-tale signs and symptoms at an early stage
  • The various triggers, misconceptions, myths and side effects

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Returning to wellness

JenUp exists to equip and empower young people to lead fulfilling lives. Typically, this requires understanding the importance of three things:
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Exercise
What seems to be a healthy habit might not always be. Through JenUp we provide insights, information & interactive events on a range of topics including:
  • How to respond to negative food thoughts, and to triggering comments
  • Misconceptions about everything from Bloating to Carbohydrates
  • Learning to really know yourself, and to trust your intuition

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Inspiration and Insights

My own personal journey has given me a first-hand understanding of a wide range of things that I want to pass on to others, including:
  • Reconnecting with my passions
  • Recognising what triggers me
  • Learning to let go and to create balance
Inspiration can come from many sources. I see JenUp as an educational hub that invites first-hand wisdom from all corners of the community, including:
  • Young people who’ve recovered from an ED
  • Parents whose experiences can help others
  • Health professionals who insights can serve us

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“What do you want to wise up on?”

Vulnerable young person
I’m a young person, keen to know
  • How to avoid developing an eating disorder
  • How to get (back) onto a path of wellbeing
  • How to support a friend who’s struggling

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Families dealing with eating disorders
I’m a parent, wanting to know
  • How best to understand and support my child
  • About the different types of eating disorder
  • How to detect the early signs of an eating disorder

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Eating disorder counselling
I’m a teacher, wanting to know
  • How I can have a positive impact on the whole class
  • How to minimise the risk of pupils developing an eating disorder
  • How to identify and address certain behaviours

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