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1:1 Coaching With Jenny

Jenny Tomei

It is an honour to be trusted to be part of your recovery journey and to be able to help you gain knowledge and insight into your recovery.

I work one to one with clients who are struggling with eating disorders and body image with a holistic whole person entered approach.

I strongly believe knowledge is power the more you can teach yourself and learn about yourself, the greater the chances are of recovery.

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Video Testimonials

In their own words

“I was looking for help with my nutrition after dealing with an eating disorder and found Jenny via an internet search. I was extremely hesitant about starting to eat properly again, but after an initial consultation, she gave me confidence & then worked out a nutrition/eating plan for me. The main priority was to gain weight but in a slow & healthy way.

She started me off with a daily meal plan with recommended amounts of protein, carbs & healthy fats. I spoke to her once a week & uploaded pictures of my meals via an app which she looked at daily to keep me on track to help me gain the weight I desperately needed to. If I was struggling, having a bad day or if she was concerned about any of my images, she would message me to give me feedback and make sure I was alright and keep me on track.

Without Jenny I wouldn’t be in such a great place that I am today. I am back to a normal weight and still keeping to her eating plan. I am now able to start exercising. I would highly recommend her.”

Teenage client

“I was still losing weight without having that intention and was allowing a fear of weight gain to completely dominate my life…”

Teenage client

“Many therapists have a huge long list of qualifications and abbreviations. This doesn’t mean that these hyper-qualified therapists will connect and have empathy with your fragile and beloved teenager…”

Mother of teenage client

“I came to you because I was in a really negative mind space, I was constantly thinking and stressing about food and my appearance… and had lost all perspective about what was important to me…”

Teenage client

“The first therapist I chose wasn’t an eating disorder specialist. (Mistake number one.) Because of this, she did most of the talking and pushed our daughter too quickly for change which backfired and caused her condition to dramatically worsen.”

Mother of teenage client