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“Don’t be on your own with this. See what we can do together.”

Yes, I got to the other side of my anorexia, but Id have got there so much more quickly if Id known all I do now. Every day, new insights emerge. Each of us can add to that wisdom. Do check out my latest blogs, podcasts and videos… and be part of this vibrant, growing community.

JenUp podcast episode 1

How to deal with relapse

By Podcasts
In this first podcast I talk about something that I often get asked about – how to deal with relapse. In the last year, our routines have changed in a big way, and some people have found that they’ve fallen back into eating disorder behaviours. In this podcast, I have tips and advice for you as to how to deal...
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Young girl with eating disorder

Exposed – the five gaps in the system

By The Big Picture
One of the reasons I created JenUp was because of the various gaps I saw in the existing support services… not least, the need for early intervention and prevention, and for an approach that was personal, balanced and holistic. 1. According to the NHS test statistics, in 2017, one in five adolescents suffering with an eating disorder reported a wait of...
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Jenny Tomei educator and mentor eating disorders

Understanding the different types of eating disorders

By Understanding Eating Disorders
Eating disorders are a serious mental illness that can have a significant effect on your health and well-being. The term refers to a complex potentially life treating condition, characterised by disturbances in eating, emotional and psychological distress and physical symptoms. Eating Disorders can be seen as a way of coping with emotional distress, or as a symptom of other underlying...
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Top tips for people on diets Jenny Tomei

Top tips for dealing with diet talkers

By Returning to Wellness
Being around too much conversation about diet trends, weight loss plans and poor body image can feel particularly triggering if you’re suffering with an eating disorder. You can make sure you stay on the road to recovery with these three top tips for dealing with excessive talk about food and diets. Consider the actual nutritional benefits Got a colleague who’s preaching...
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Negative thoughts about food

What is disordered eating?

By Understanding Eating Disorders
And how is it different from an 'eating disorder'? It's so important to know the difference between these two terms, as they can sometimes be used interchangeably when, in fact, they represent two very different issues. There are various ways that you could be said to have  ‘disordered eating’, yet still NOT have an eating disorder. Disordered Eating could mean anything...
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