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Exposed – the five gaps in the system

By September 22, 2021April 29th, 2023The Big Picture
eating disorder

One of the reasons I created JenUp was because of the various gaps I saw in the existing support services… not least, the need for early intervention and prevention, and for an approach that was personal, balanced and holistic.

1. According to the NHS test statistics, in 2017, one in five adolescents suffering with an eating disorder reported a wait of over six months to see a specialist.

2. As a rule, GPs will miss the tell-tale signs of an eating disorder.

3. Typically, treatment is only focused on weight restoration. That doesnt mean that the eating disorder has been resolved.

4. Also, young people may be turned away for not being thin enoughfor treatment… or because their BMI is not low enough’. In both cases, this shows a lack of understanding of the root causes.

5. Finally, there is simply not adequate funding to address a fundamental societal issue; there is also not enough related community care.

I firmly believe there is huge scope for the entire health community to wise up on the most effective way to address eating disorders.

As I write this, another gap I see is the lack of easy access to peer wisdom… that is, the insights and stories of those whove either already struggled with an eating disorder – or who are struggling now. And so with JenUp, I want to provide the very service that I wish had been around, when I was going through similar challenges as a teenager.

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