“Whether you’re a young person, parent or teacher, this site is for you.”

Welcome to JenUp. I’m Jenny Tomei, and I’m passionate about educating and empowering those who are at risk of developing an eating disorder. And that applies to many more young people today than most of us realise. Whether you’re a young person, a parent or a teacher, this website is for you.

Over the last year, the rise in mental health issues has also meant an explosion in the number of those with eating disorders. Having recovered myself from anorexia, and since trained as a Nutritional Therapist and Eating Disorder Coach, I know that what’s needed is a more personal, holistic and balanced approach. One that combines education, group work and peer support. So that young people are better equipped to take back control of their lives.

I have created resources and tools for three different audiences, as I believe we need to work together to address this growing challenge. See below for details.

Vulnerable young person

Young people

I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there myself. And I want you to know how to avoid developing an eating disorder… and how to get on the path to recovery. Whether you’re looking to have a better understanding about eating disorders for yourself, or to help a friend who may be struggling, I am here for you.

Families dealing with eating disorders


The tell-tale signs of an eating disorder are easier to detect than you might imagine. And when it begins, the issue is rarely just about food or body image. If you want to know what you can do as a parent to better support your child, there are resources and webinars I’ve designed specifically with you in mind.

Eating disorder counselling


I see JenUp as an educational hub, and I see schools as having a pivotal role to play in bringing about the early detection and prevention of eating disorders. As  a teacher, if you know how to identify and address certain behaviours, you can play your part in supporting students to get the right help at an early stage.

Resources request form

“I was still losing weight without having that intention and was allowing a fear of weight gain to completely dominate my life…”

Teenage client

“Many therapists have a huge long list of qualifications and abbreviations. This doesn’t mean that these hyper-qualified therapists will connect and have empathy with your fragile and beloved teenager…”

Mother of teenage client

“I came to you because I was in a really negative mind space, I was constantly thinking and stressing about food and my appearance… and had lost all perspective about what was important to me…”

Teenage client

“The first therapist I chose wasn’t an eating disorder specialist. (Mistake number one.) Because of this, she did most of the talking and pushed our daughter too quickly for change which backfired and caused her condition to dramatically worsen.”

Mother of teenage client

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