“Whether you’re a young person, parent or teacher, this site is for you.”

Welcome to JenUp. Im Jenny Tomei, and Im passionate about educating and empowering those who are at risk of developing an eating disorder. And that applies to many more young people today than most of us realise.

Over the last year, the rise in mental health issues has also meant an explosion in the number of those with eating disorders. Having recovered myself from anorexia, and since trained as a Nutritional Therapist and Eating Disorder Coach, I know that whats needed is a more personal, holistic and balanced approach. One that combines education, group work and peer support. So that young people are better equipped to take back control of their lives.

Is this site for you? Yes, if you’re…

  • A young person, wanting to know how best to deal with an eating disorder – be that for yourself or for a friend.

  • A parent, wanting to know what you can do to better support your child.

  • A teacher, keen to enable your students to access what they need early on.

For all of you, JenUp is here to enable you to wise up and access the best tools and resources so we can create a shift in how we address this growing challenge.

“Why this site? Because I want you to know that recovery is possible”

The need is growing by the day. And the support is just not out there. Having got to the other side of an eating disorder myself, I know exactly what’s needed. I am here to support young people like you who are at the early stages of an eating disorder. So you can get your life back on track.


“It’s harder to fight when your brain is starved”

My own experience with an eating disorder lasted six years. I’ve had experiences and insights which I know can be of value to others. Having trained as a nutritional therapist, a personal trainer and a ‘Eating Disorder’ practitioner, I know what’s needed is a bespoke approach.


“It’s in our nature to be well. So how do we return to that place?”

To educate myself out of my eating disorder, I needed to get past negative thoughts… about food, body image and weight. Now I want to help other young people to do the same… to understand themselves and their bodies. So they too can make informed decision about their lives.


“You are invited to my next live session”

As a personal trainer, I know the importance of a tailored, balanced and holistic approach. You are welcome to join one of my live, interactive events – and to wise up alongside others. For many, its proved a hugely supportive thing. One that has enabled them to return to a place of wellbeing.


Don’t be on your own with this. See what we can do together.”

Yes, I got to the other side of my anorexia, but I’d have got there so much more quickly if I’d known all I do now. Every day, new insights emerge. Each of us can add to that wisdom. Do check out my latest blogs, podcasts and videos… and be part of this vibrant, growing community.


“Understanding the different types of eating disorders”

Eating disorders are a serious mental illness that can have a significant effect on your health and well-being. The term refers to a complex potentially life-threatening condition, characterised by disturbances in eating, emotional and psychological distress and also by physical symptoms.